Friendship Outreach

When I first moved to Canada as a new immigrant, I experienced something that every new immigrant without a family in Canada, usually experiences, and that is loneliness. Unlike other people, you don’t have any family or friends close by, to check on you and to see how you are doing. I had to figure out everything on my own; the transit system, the grocery stores, the malls, the movie theatres, applying for a health card, driver’s license, social insurance number, and the banking systems. It was very difficult!

The most difficult times for me were always the holidays; Christmas, the New Year celebrations, Thanksgivings, the Victoria Day celebrations, and all other long weekends. I stayed at home all day and all by myself. No one came to visit, nor was I invited anywhere. It was very lonely.

A few years later, the Lord laid it on my heart to reach out to new immigrants with similar experiences. This ministry is dedicated to supporting newcomers to Canada. If you are a new immigrant or know someone who is a new immigrant and you happen to need support in familiarizing yourself with the Canadian system, please don’t hesitate to contact us. This ministry is dedicated to you, and we want to be your friend.