Global Network

Global Minister’s Network

For the church of Jesus Christ to experience an effective global outreach there must be a commitment on the part of the ministers of the gospel to an effective ministerial network. Our mission is to bridge the gap between ministers of different denominations, highlighting our common purpose of world outreach, as stipulated in Mk 16:15.

Having been in ministry for well over twenty years, I have seen the majority of ministers with dreams and visions of broadening their scope of ministry get disappointed. Their disappointment is as a result of a lack of avenues through which their dreams and visions can become a reality. They have found themselves slipping further and deeper into isolation. Their desire to work together and partner with other ministers seems misunderstood. They are often ignored because they don’t have a “large-enough” congregation, or belong to a certain denomination or group. Our goal is to change all that, and to help preachers get connected with each other and to be an open door for other preachers to reach across their geographical borders for the purpose of ministry.

Our mission is to build a ministerial bridge between preachers all over the world, thereby enhancing ministerial partnership, with a common goal of effective global evangelization. The underlining intention is to connect ministers from all over the world for the purpose of ministry.

These connections will manifest in 3 areas:

  • Local partnerships
  • Continental partnerships
  • Inter-continental partnership

Local partnerships:
This is a partnership between two or more ministers living within the same village, city, state/ province or country.

Continental partnerships:
This is a partnership of two or more ministers living in two different countries on the same continent

Inter-continental partnerships:
This is a partnership of two or more ministers living on two separate continents.
The purpose of these connections is to meet two areas of need in the life of a pastor.

These areas are:

  • Personal relationship
  • Inter-ministerial partnership

Personal relationship:
The goal of this relationship is to know each other on a personal level, and to share information that will help the other person grow personally, and be encouraged.

Inter-ministerial partnership:
The goal of this relationship is to make your pulpit available to a fellow minister that you’ve established a personal relationship with. The invitation to preach in your pulpit would be based on how comfortable you feel in your spirit.

We want to create an awareness of the need for corporate ministerial effort in world evangelization. There is a lot of unhealthy, negative competition between churches and it creates huge distances and further isolation among preachers. The devil understands the power of unity, and how much we can accomplish if we work together, therefore, he’ll do everything to pre-occupy us with individualistic mindsets, and prevent us from fulfilling our purpose.

The goal of this ministry is to create awareness in the hearts of preachers that we are to complement one another, rather than compete with each other. The reason the church grew as recorded in the book of Acts, was as a result of the spirit of unity. They had things in common. “When they (the disciples) were threatened, they came together, and prayed, and God gave them courage and boldness to continue.”