Intercessory Partners

The foundation of this ministry is based on prayer, and we, as a people have dedicated ourselves to standing in the gap for others. Our goal and mission are to see that prayer takes its rightful place again. We seem to have time for everything except prayer. We need a passion for prayer to be restored and that is what we, as a ministry, are committed to accomplish. It is our belief that, for everything we are attempting to do, prayer should be the foundation that will sustain it. So our word of encouragement to you is to not attempt anything without prayer; be it a relationship, career, business, family, or ministry.

We believe we have been called to stand in prayer for everyone with a need, and especially as intercessors for:

  • Our Nation
  • Our Leaders
  • Our Communities
  • Our Families
  • Our Children
  • Our Destinies

As a ministry dedicated to intercession, we are seeking more volunteer intercessors who aren’t just interested in praying, but are passionate about it, irrespective of church affiliation. We need your prayer support and your contributions. You are important to us and to the kingdom.

To volunteer as an intercessor, please email, stating your intention to volunteer as a prayer intercessor. Please include a contact address where we can reach you.