Our Pastor

Born and raised in the most populous country in Africa, John Isidahomen immigrated to Canada from the sub-Saharan African nation of Nigeria. Raised in a large family with eight siblings, his family’s way of life was very traditional with deep roots in paganism and voodoo. As a child, idol worship became the order of the day, and John grew up watching his father perform different traditional rituals, wondering what it all meant.

Hanging from the ceiling of their home, and littered across a room dedicated solely to idol worship, were carved images that had hands, but could not touch, eyes that could not see, mouths that could not speak, and ears that could not hear.

John had a lot of questions about the practices of his parent’s idol worship. He wanted to understand why these idols didn’t seem to eat the food that was offered to them, and why these idols doesn’t seem to talk back when his father called upon them. There were many unanswered questions in his mind, and as a little boy, his quest for something bigger and better started.

At age 10, after being introduced to Christ, John couldn’t wait to worship the true and Living God, who actually speaks to us and hears us when we pray. He says it was the best day of his life. He was excited and passionate about his newfound love of Christ. His commitment and zeal for Christ made him an object of persecution by his parents who did not approve of his newfound faith. He was regularly beaten with a belt, tied to bed rails, kicked, slapped, denied food, and had to sleep outside on many occasions. The remarkable thing about it all was that as the persecutions increased, so did John’s commitment, dedication, and passion for God.

At age 15, John’s father posed a question, which ignited a passion in John and complete and total dedication to God. The question was “What will you become when you grow up?” Without hesitation, John replied, “A preacher!” All of a sudden there was dead silence in the room, and when John looked up in the direction of his father, there was a disappointed look on his face. After that encounter, it seemed like his father waited for an excuse to get rid of John as soon as the opportunity presented itself. A few days later, John’s few earthly belongings were tossed out of the house, and he was told not to come back to the house unless he changed his mind.

John received a call from God to preach the gospel. Through divine provision, John graduated from the prestigious All Nations for Christ Bibles Institute. After a series of evangelistic gospel meetings in Nigeria, he went as a missionary to some eastern and southern African nations. In the winter of 1996, he immigrated to Toronto, Canada.

Pastor John is now the founder of Wings as Eagles Ministries, a registered charitable not-for-profit organization based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He is also an ordained minister within the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies of Canada.